Elevate your Enterprise to Autonomy with RAG* systems, AI Agents & AI Agency**

Automate complete roles, not just tasks with our Autonomous Platform, that uses LLMs and advanced tools to build RAG* systems, AI Agents & AI Agency** to achieve intelligent workflows that operate independently, making real-time decisions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

* Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) / LLM-based Advanced Search.
** Team of AI Agents with unique roles and abilities that work together independently.

Autonomize your Business Operations with our Autonomous Platform

ASISTA’s Autonomous Platform
 enables your business to use RAG* systems, AI Agents AI Agency to autonomously manage and optimize workflows, enhance productivity, minimize manual intervention, and achieve to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and autonomy.

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RAG Systems

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) is a generative AI model system optimized for long context tasks such as retrieving information from a large external source of data or knowledgebase using external APIs and tools.

Use Cases​

  • Advanced Q&A systems
  • Content creation and summarization
  • Conversational agents and chatbots
  • Information retrieval
  • Educational tools and resources
  • Legal research and analysis
  • Content recommendation systems

AI Agents

Off-load tasks from your teams and departments to AI Agents. These AI Agents are intelligent, autonomous entities designed to automate complex tasks, make data-driven decisions, and enhance customer interactions.

Use Cases​

  • AI Analyst
  • AI Agent for IT​
  • AI Agent for Procurement
  • AI Agent for Finance
  • AI Agent for HR​
  • AI Agent for Sales
  • AI Agent for _____

AI Agency

Create multiple AI Agents, each having a unique role and abilities, and train them to collaborate with each other to create multi-agent teams that work autonomously just like how a team of human employees would.

Use Cases​

  • Procurement Agency​
  • HR Agency​
  • Accounting Agency
  • Customer Experience Agency
  • Many more… 



Orchestration Studio

Connect LLMs with memory, data loaders, cache, moderation and many more – No Code / Low Code Studio.​

Multi-Model Support

Make operations and conversations more interactive with Text, Image, Audio and Visual​ elements.

AI Assistants (co-pilot)

Create autonomous agents that can assist as a co-pilot for human agents​.

AI Agents

Create autonomous agents that can use tools to execute different tasks​, and even handle complete roles.

AI Agency

Create multiple AI Agents that work together as a team and collaborate on a common goal.

Human-in-the-loop approval

AI Agents can be directed to take approval from human agents as and when required.

API, SDK, Chat Embedding

Extend and integrate to your applications using APIs, SDK and Embedded Chat​.

Platform Agnostic

Use opensource and local LLMs, fine tuned LLMs, embeddings and vector databases​.

Supports Chaining

Support chaining of multiple requests to build applications or Advanced AI Agents​.


The AI Agents have access memory to retrieve the relevant context when required.

Purpose Build LLM​

Fine Tuned text to SQL generation LLM​s.

Fine Tuning​

Fine Tuned LLMs for your business as per client need*.


Increased Efficiency

AI agents can automate repetitive and complex tasks, allowing businesses to complete them faster and more accurately. This efficiency improvement frees employees to focus on more business-critical tasks, boosting overall productivity.

24/7 Availability

AI Agents are always available, providing continuous support and action without the need for human intervention. This ensures that information is readily accessible, and actions can be performed automatically at any time of the day.

Enhanced Decision Making

AI agents can analyze large amounts of data and provide valuable insights to support decision-making processes. Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, AI agents can identify patterns, trends, and correlations that humans may overlook, leading to better, data-driven decisions.

Improved User Experience

AI agents can provide personalized and timely interactions with users and customers, enhancing their experience. They offer instant support, answer queries, and provide recommendations, leading to increased user or customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost Savings

By automating tasks, AI agents reduce the need for human resources and manual labor, resulting in cost savings for businesses. They handle high-volume, repetitive tasks without fatigue or errors, providing a reliable and efficient workforce.


AI Agent Teams can be scaled seamlessly by adding more agents as needed. This scalability allows businesses to grow without affecting their overhead costs.

Goal-Oriented Performance

AI agents are designed to achieve specific goals, which can be pre-defined or learned through interactions with the environment. This goal-oriented approach ensures that agents are focused on delivering results that align with your business objectives.

Reduced Mistakes

Once fine-tuned, AI agents require minimal to no supervision, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving overall task accuracy.


AI agents can quickly adapt to new advancements in AI through integrations like the OpenAI Assistants API, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve in technology and innovation.

No Development Required

Our AI Agent Teams require no additional development, saving time and costs. They offer dynamic query and coding capabilities, providing real-time delivery of expected outcomes without the need for extensive coding.